who we are

TrueScale Products (TSP®) is owned and operated by Victor Ferguson. TSP® began on the kitchen table in the early 1980’s.

By the 1990’s the TrueScale brand of Slot Car Bodies was known throughout the world for its original slot car bodies and replica reproductions of vintage slot car bodies. With the internet age came a way to have a more worldwide presence in the slot car world and our first webpage was published in the year 2000. The year 2001 brought a new line for TrueScale, 1/32nd scale vacuum formed and some resin slot car bodies.

An online store on the internet had opened as well which began to increase sales of everything TSP® had available. Scale slot car racing using scale vacuum formed bodies was making a comeback and sales for TrueScale Products began to be too much for such a small operation running part time. By the year 2013 sales for TrueScale Products was too much and some sales and production had to be limited. Production still continues with the focus being more on scale slot car bodies.